Publish on your own terms

Just feeds and subscriptions so you can share freely and subscribe to others.

Want a feed of your own?

Social media is deeply harmful

You know this from your own experience. But there's compelling experimental evidence too:

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The platforms are poisonous

They hijack our attention by stoking rage and resentment.

But we don't actually need them

We can take a different path.

All we need is feeds and subscriptions

Remember Google Reader? Like that!

Pubfeed is an experiment in anti-social media.

It's the easiest way to publish a personal RSS feed.

Screenshot of a sample feed

A feed of your own

On the open internet, not a proprietary walled garden.

Screenshot of feed edit interface

Easy to manage

Tools to publish, delete, and yes — edit — entries.

Screenshot of a admin screen


Just an xml file under the hood. Export and host wherever you want.